Msf6  [draft]

Using Metasploit to scan a target for vulnerabilities: # db_nmap -v --script vuln Good luck!! with hunting. Useful links:

December 1, 2022 · Marcin M

Nmap  [draft]

We perform a quick port scan using the nmap command as follows: nmap The result of the scan shows that port 22 is open: PORT STATE SERVICE 22/tcp open ssh To determine what is running on port 22, we use the -sV option to enable version detection: nmap -p 22 -sV The output of this command shows that the service running on port 22 is OpenSSH version 8.9p1 on an Ubuntu Linux system:...

December 1, 2022 · Marcin M

Ansible setup  [draft]

This guide explains how to install Ansible using Python 3 and PIP. It covers checking for Python 3, installing Ansible with PIP, and providing shell scripts for automation. It also includes an introduction to Ansible and a brief conclusion. We can check which version of Python3 is installed on our system by running the command: which python3 To check the version of Ansible installed on our system, we can run:...

September 24, 2022 · Marcin M

Nohup With Busybox httpd  [draft]

nohup busybox httpd -f -p 8080 & ps -ef | grep httpd sudo kill -9 1193 and run in difrent location nohup busybox httpd -f -p 8080 & Useful links:

September 4, 2022 · Marcin M

Create Amazon S3 Bucket  [draft]

We will create s3 bucket In this article will create our first S3 bucket Let’s create S3 bucket Click create bucket to create one Give the bucket name and choose the region Public access is block by default If we want we can enable public access here Access is block by default You can enable if needed Create bucket Upload file Now we can upload some files from our computer Properties under properties, we can choose storage class Encryption Enable or disable encryption for the bucket We choose not to have encryption Upload upload files to the bucket Files in the bucket Our files now in the bucket URL We can use this URL to access our files from the browser Conclusion We just create our first bucket and upload some files....

July 31, 2022 · Marcin M